Terms and Conditions for Bookings at the Cathair Dhubh Estate

Set out below are our Terms and Conditions relating to your booking. By booking with us, it will be considered that you are fully conversant and have agreed to all the Terms & Conditions below.

Bookings are only accepted from persons over 18 years of age, by booking with us the lead guest acknowledges that he or she agrees to these Terms and Conditions on behalf of the entire party intending to occupy the property under their booking.

A £100 non-refundable deposit is payable upon booking with the remainder of the fee due no less than 8 weeks prior to the commencement of the let.

We very much regret that in the event of cancellation, the occupier will lose their deposit and possibly the entire fee if the cancellation occurs less than 8 weeks before the booking. We would therefore strongly advise that holiday insurance is purchased to mitigate such circumstances.

Fern, Orchid, Myrtle and Thistle Cottages sleep up to 4 people and Heather Cottage sleeps up to 6; your booking is accepted on the basis of a specific and confirmed number of people.

Kate and/or Gary or their designated representatives reserve the right to reasonable access of the property at any time for emergency maintenance etc.

Losses or Damages
Guests have a legal liability to pay for any damage they may cause to the property and grounds during their holiday. The property is insured in respect of the usual risks covered by our buildings and contents policy. However, in certain circumstances, if you should cause any loss or damage by negligence, you could become liable and the personal liability section of your own household policy would probably not cover you. Our insurance does not cover your personal possessions. You would therefore be well advised to check on these points with your insurers and you may find that, providing they are given notice, they will extend your normal cover to include your holiday home.

Your Responsibilities
All bookings are from 4pm on the day of arrival to 9.00am on the day of departure.

You are responsible for the property during your stay and we trust guests to leave the property clean and tidy at the end of their visit with all fixtures and fittings remaining as you found them. Any undue additional cleaning expenses or damages and breakages may incur an additional surcharge. Please do inform us of any damage or breakage as soon as possible.

We cannot accept any responsibility for personal injury to you as guests or holidaymakers, or loss of damage to your property or for other matters over which we have no control.

By accepting and booking, you agree to accept responsibility for the physical wellbeing of you and your party, indemnifying us from all responsibilities, blame and consequences, direct and indirect however arising, should someone injure themselves at our premises or in using any articles provided at any of the cottages on the Cathair Dhubh Estate or inconvenience themselves in any way.

Guests are requested to be considerate toward other people's peace and privacy while staying with us.

We operate a strict no smoking policy at all the cottages on the Cathair Dhubh Estate, although guests are free to smoke outside the property. We will make a charge of £350 for intensive cleaning if there has been any smoking inside the property during your stay. We would ask all of our guests to kindly respect our wishes on this sensitive issue.

Dogs are welcome at the Cathair Dhubh Estate by prior agreement with Kate and/or Gary. Dogs must be kept under control at all times and must not cause a nuisance to other guests staying at the Cathair Dhubh Estate. Dogs are not allowed on the furniture or in the bedrooms and are not to be left alone in the property. There is an extra surcharge of £25.00 for one dog and £40.00 for two.

We are making temporary changes to our policies and terms to enable us to operate in a safe way in the wake of the COVID 19 epidemic. We also hope that these will enable guests to follow the government guidelines in a variety of situations.
We hope you understand the need to do this, and will support us in our endeavours to ensure the safety of our guests, staff and the wider community. We will assume that you have read these additional conditions before you pay your balance and that you are happy to proceed with your booking under these terms:

1. If you or a member of your party becomes ill with Covid-19, is required to self-isolate or your area is subject to travel restrictions shortly before your stay at Cathair Dhubh.
If you are unable to travel because you are suffering from Covid-19 or are required to self-isolate in the run up to your stay, then we want to help you follow the guidelines. If you can provide us with a confirmation of a positive Covid-19 test, or a track and trace isolation instruction then we will refund 50% of the cost of your stay. If we are able to find a replacement guest we hope to be able to refund you more or all of your costs. We believe that we’re in this together and we are trying to share and reduce risk for everyone, but we hope you understand that as a small business we can’t accept all the risk for all of our guests.

2. If you or a member of your party becomes ill or during your stay at Cathair Dhubh.
If you are unable to travel home safely, you may find it necessary to isolate at Cathair Dhubh. This may mean that you need to stay beyond the original end date of your stay. If you have no way of travelling home safely then you can stay and isolate at Cathair Dhubh, but we will require you to pay 75% of the full cost of each letting week affected by your extended stay. We may also require you to contribute to the costs of a deep clean.

3. If we need to cancel your booking because an earlier guest is required to isolate at Cathair Dhubh and your cottage is not available as a result.
We will offer you a full refund in this case, unless we are able to find alternative dates for your stay that are agreeable to you.